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新学期计划作文英语 篇1

Another new term comes again,so I should have a study plan to promot myself.


Firstly,I descide to finish my homework more carefully than before.And pay more attention to the knowledge which I didn't know it clearly. From joozone.Com.


Secondly,I will do a lot of read to widen the range of my knowledge.and try to combine theory to practice.


Finally,I will learn to adjust, to be more positive and more helpful.


That's what I plan to do in a new term.










新学期计划作文英语 篇2

Today is going to school.

I got up early and went to bed. I checked my bag and checked it carefully. After dinner I put everything packed can't stop looking at the time 8:30 before school I feel time is somewhat slow my heart already fly to school to do.

8:15 I set out on my back. Today's fog is a bit large but it does not affect the mood of my happiness. To the classroom some students have arrived we greet each other talking about interesting things in the holidays. I saw some students grow in the vacation some “fat” some become more handsome more beautiful. We are discussing in full swing Zhang came in the classroom immediately quiet down as if frightened the little frog all of a sudden stopped croak. Zhang looks younger. She first gave us a summary of the results of the last semester but also to give us a talk about the arrangement of this semester and then we began to clean the health. After cleaning the teacher gave us a new book we are carefully looked at I feel this semester's book is more difficult than the previous semester but I am confident that they learn to have a solid. The teacher gave us some of the requirements of this semester announced today after school so we carefully put the book into the bag happily go home.




新学期计划作文英语 篇3

Times goes fast, my second year of high school is coming soon. In the first year, I got used to the new environment and kept focusing on my study. I felt like something was lost in my life, because I was too busy and did not have time to read novel books. So in the new semester, I must make a plan to better adjust my life pace. Firstly, I need to study the subjects well, because it is my first job as a student. As this important stage will decide my future to some degree, so keeping up with other students is my main goal. Secondly, I must spare some time to read extra books, which will broaden my horizon and enrich my mind. It can also help me to take relax from great pressure. The plan slows down my life pace.


新学期计划作文英语 篇4

Do you want to know what my summer vacation is like?

This year, because of my excellent performance, I bought a perfect summer vacation!

I only need to finish the required homework one day, and I can jump rope, kick the shuttlecock, skate, play chess, and so on. And exercise has become one of my daily things, sit-ups 20, push-ups 20, jump rope 100... These exercises gave me a strong body. Sleep makes us healthy. Taking a nap can help us grow faster on a regular basis. I grow a lot of knowledge by sticking to two hours a day. In this “paradise on earth”, I can also play 30 minutes computer, watch an hour TV and other “preferential activities” waiting for me to get the lead. I have a personal interest in writing and writing. My father's composition is very good. As the saying goes, “the tiger father has no dog”, I believe that one day it will be “blue rather than blue”.

Although I don't have a lot of homework this summer, I feel like I have a full summer vacation and a great summer vacation! What about your summer vacation?


新学期计划作文英语 篇5

First of all, I want to finish my teacher's summer homework and read some extra books.

Second, I want to help my mother do some housework. Mum housework very hard all day, I want to help my mother do some depth, such as washing the dishes, sweep the floor, sweep the floor, cleaning, etc., to help my mother to share a bit hard.

Finally, I want to realize my dream of Qingdao. Qingdao is a beautiful city, standing in the north China region. I saw in my aunt's space that the sea of Qingdao was boundless and shimmering in the sunlight. A breeze blowing, the sea surface splashing ripples layers, there are a lot of tourists on the beach wearing life jackets, wearing swimming laps, reinforces the launching, golden leaves a shallow footprints on the beach. In other words, the wind was very windy, and the naughty water beat the stones on the shore, and thought of it rhythmically.

This beautiful scenery can't be ignored, so while this summer vacation, I must go and see!





新学期计划作文英语 篇6

Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat. Suddenly it came to the energizes the year of the horse, I also from the second grade to the third grade, started a new journey. Looked at hair down new books, I seem to have arrived at the palace of knowledge. The new semester I have a new plan.

In the aspect of the language, I want to do preparation before class, understanding words, words of this lesson, lesson don't understand the words in the dictionary. After school, finish the homework, I review what we have learned during the day the text from time to time, I may not forget. I will take more neat handwriting, more reading, improve the speed of English writing and reading efficiency. One more thing, I don't love speak, the class this semester, I must let oneself actively raise your hand to speak.

In mathematics, every day I'm going to do ten calculate crossing, to improve their computing power. And every time I test all lose points because of carelessness, this semester I was determined to correct this shortcoming.

In English, every time to learn the words to hammer down, \”don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Preview to review each unit, read the words and sentences more, do more exercises, to take an examination of ninety and eight.

In the study, I want to keep up with the teacher, listening carefully in class, after class finish the homework carefully. Participate in extra-curricular activities, enrich their own after school life; Take more exercise, improve their physical fitness.

In school, I want to respect teachers, unite classmates. I want to listen to your mother at home, aged respected, more can help my mother do housework, let mother less worry for me.

In a planned way also should have action. In the new semester I will down-to-earth, vigorous efforts to harvest fruits in the field of knowledge; The sunshine in the growth of paradise, rush toward the ideal!








Summer vacation went quickly over, tense and busy to bring the learning stage. The new semester, I will become the third grade students!

In order to make the oneself continue to maintain good grades, I set a study program: 1. Class must listen earnestly, is not allowed to speak, also don't look back. 2. Homework done on time. 3. Words to write correct clean; 4. Every night ready for the next day with school supplies; 5. Stick to preview the lessons; 6. Stick to review your lessons, Confucius said, \“consider\”.

Of my academic record and the following requirements: in order to improve the level of writing, more at ordinary times as documents such as reference books, language result in more than 90 points; Math brain more, think more, grades remain at around 95 points; Listen to read English every day, the result is more than 95 points.

I believe if I can insist to do the above, my grades will rise steadily, I also want to be a moral, intellectual, physical, the United States, law provided a good student, wait and see!






Grade three new semester plan to composition

The new semester is coming soon. I returned to my beautiful campus experiment elementary school and met my dear teachers and schoolmates, started a new life and learning, in the new semester I will have a new plan and a new plan to...

A, I must speak civilization, polite. Obey the school rules. Take good care of the school campus environment health.

Second, to correct learning attitude. Set up the correct outlook on life. Have a clear goal. Efforts to learn to listen attentively in class. Seriously complete the teacher leave each homework. Success lies in action, so you can have a good harvest every day.

Third, strengthen physical exercise, the style of an active part in school activities, to learn the piano for his own expertise and dance. Do a full of vitality and sunshine of good students.

Fourth, we should care about each other and help each other, to establish a harmonious big family, let us in this big family is full of singing away!!!!

In the new semester, we are going to learn new knowledge, to realize our beautiful dream. Work together to create a better future...







新学期计划作文英语 篇7

After the challenging College Entrance Examination, my anticipated summer holiday has begun. I will have a long winter holiday for almost three month. But I have already planned for it. Firstly, I will have a good rest at home and spend some time with my parents. I studied at school before, so I don’t have much time to company them. And then, I want to take a part-time job. I have graduated from senior school, and I think that a part-time job can help me being independent. I hope what I learn in school will be helpful to my new job. After earning some money, I want to have an after-graduation trip that I have been dreaming of for a very long time. My first choice is Xiamen, which is an attractive city. When the trip ends, it’s time for the college.


I spent a really interesting holiday last summer.I went to Hailan with my families.We played happily.I laid on the beach and saw the blue sea.I felt really exciting. We collected beautiful shells.And had many sea food.I enjoyed this summer trip very much.I plan to go there again.it is a really great place to visit.

How about your holiday?was it wonderful?Please tell me.

This summer holiday is so full of fun .because I help my mother do the housework every day.

In everday morning . I get up at 9 am and help my mother cooking breakfast. After breakfast, I go to do myself homework,then my mother help me washing dishes.I always finish my homework within 2 or 3 hours .

When the noon come . We often cooking lunch together . But sometime my mother very busy , then I cooking lunch alone.

In 4 pm to 6 pm ,at the afternoon . I will go swimming everyday . I always invent my good friend with me go swimming . It can let me relex and happy .

So I say my summer holiday in this term is full of fun .








新学期计划作文英语 篇8

Another new term comes again,so i should have a study plan to promot myself.

firstly,i descide to finish my homework more carefully than before.And pay more attention to the knowledge which i didn't know it clearly.

secondly,i will do a lot of read to widen the range of my knowledge.and try to combine thoery to practice.

Finally,i will learn to adjust, to be more positive and more helpful.

That's what i plant to do in a new term.







新学期计划作文英语 篇9

The summer holidayis going to the end. I am happy in the holiday, because I do a lot of things.Now, the new term is coming, so I must make a plan for it. In the new term, Imust work harder. I did not do very well in the last term. Therefore, I want tomake progress in the new term. Besides, I want to do some more readings. Booksare the best resources to get knowledge. So I want to make good use of books toimprove myself. Finally, do exercise regularly. A healthy body is the basic ofother things. I must take part in exercise to keep healthy. And doing exercisemakes me relaxed and happy. I hope all my plans can come true in the new term.


新学期计划作文英语 篇10

Learning  a foreign language is an enriching undertaking. To make the most of your  experience, you may need to develop some specialized strategies. Here are some  principles to keep in mind.

1.  Language is more than a set of grammar rules. Although structural accuracy is an  important component of communication, you must also learn how to communicate in  a manner that is appropriate to the situation. Likewise, in addition to building  a large vocabulary, you will also need to learn ways of paraphrasing so that you  will be able to communicate effectively when you don’t know an expression or it  has slipped your mind. Body language and gestures are also important  communicative strategies.

2.  Active language use is far more important than talking about language. The  ability to recite the rules of English grammar does not guarantee that you will  actually be able to communicate in the language. Spend your time communicating  in the language, creating messages, obtaining information, listening for details  and so on.

3.  Don’t be afraid of making errors. Errors are a natural part of the language  learning process and no one can avoid them. Do not let fear of making an error  prevent you from communicating. Even if your language ability is not perfect,  your message may be understood. Of course, accurate use of language is an  appropriate goal of language study.

4.  Language learning is a long-time process. Therefore you must have realistic  expectations of your performance after one semester, one year, or several years  of language learning. Advanced proficiency is often best achieved after long  period of practice and residence in a country where the target language is  spoken.

5.  Be an active language learner. Study models, look for patterns, and make  informed guesses, study idioms. If you do not entirely understand a passage, do  not ask for a translation immediately. Make use of the language you already know  or words that may be related to other words you know. Although language learning  can be hard work, your efforts will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of  yourself and the global village of which you are a citizen.







How to Get Along Well with Others

In our daily life, we have to come into contact with people in every walk of life.Therefore, it is very important for us to know how to get along with other people. To get well along with others and win their friendships, we must observe strictly the following words. To begin with, we need to be honest with others and shouh{ always say what we mean. Lies will surely make people stay far away from us in the long run. After all,honesty is the best policy. Second, we have to be humble enough. If we are proud in public, we can hardly winother's respect, not to mention “friendship” Finally, we must not be selfish. We should learn how to show concern for others.

As long as we abide by what is mentioned above, we will find it easy to get along well with others.





养成良好的生活习惯。我们晚上应该睡八小时,不要过分辛苦地工作。过度劳作和睡眠不足将导致生病。而且,不要吸烟。 以上这些方面我们都该注意,这样才能保持健康。

Recently  the issue of students’ study has been brought to public attention. Students are  anxious about how to improve their scores. Some work very hard. They spend all  their time on study. They do nothing except study. As far as I’m concerned, it  is not a good way to study. Alternate work with rest is the best to study well.  Students should try their best to learn knowledge as Francis Bacon  said,”Knowledge is power”. However, they should have other recreational  activities to relax themselves. Because people can do things more efficient  after relaxed themselves’s more, people can obtain knowledge from many sources  besides books, which is beneficial for study. Thus, combine exertion and rest is  the best to study.


Learning  how to learn is one of the hot topics in education at the moment. In order to  understand its importance, it is vital to understand the following two

points.  First, we should not follow other students’ way of learning. It is known to all  that most students do not learn in the same way, they have their own ways to  study. We have heard from other excellent students, they introduce their way of  learning, while for ourselves, we should adjust our methods according to theirs,  but not follow them in all. What’s more, many students do not take an interest  in the process of learning and expect that by simply going to a lecture, for  example, they will automatically study the subject matter. It is impossible for  them to learn better, they should work efficiently. If students master how to  learn, they will have a better chance to acquire knowledge.


We  all make mistakes which are inevitable. What makes mistakes worse is failure to  correct your own mistakes. While making mistakes is good, repeating mistakes is  definitely not. Apart from correcting your own mistakes, we should learn from  the mistakes as well.


You  can only learn from you admit you have made one. As soon as you start blaming  other people, you distance yourself from any possible lesson that could be  learned from it. Admission of mistake, even if only privately to yourself, make  learning possible by moving the focus away from blaming yourself and towards  understanding. Wise people admit their mistakes easily. They know progress  accelerates when they do. On the other hand, for many reasons admitting mistakes  is difficult. This is why some people consider that people can learn nothing  from mistakes. We are educated in school, in our families, or at work to feel  guilty about failure and to do whatever we can to avoid mistakes. This sense of  shame combined with the inevitability of setbacks when attempting difficult  things explains why many people give up on their goals: they are not prepared  for the mistakes and failures they will face on their way to what they want.


In  conclusion, we can and could learn good lessons from past mistakes in order to  be more successful in our private and public lives.


新学期计划作文英语 篇11


this year,i want to get good result , i want to excerise more time,the important thingis iwant to bethin.my parents are older and older,so i want to do some chores for them,and my friends are sad,because her parents get angry,so she is alone,i donot want she became sad,i want to play with her as macha spossible.last year,i like play the computer games,this year i want to go out of home more.i telllyouasecrtmyeyeisMyopia.